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2013-05-20 8:48 PM

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Wendell, NC
Subject: Altra instinct 1.5 vs. Newton distance
OK, I run in VFFs and Merrell barefoot trail gloves. Use the merrells for distance >15 miles due to some foot swelling. After about 20 miles, my feet start getting achy (this may be just the way it is and I need to HTFU). I'm looking for something with a little more cush for longer runs. I tried Hoka bondi Bs and it was an epic (and expensive) fail. Education ain't cheap.

To my question: Anybody got any ideas on Altra instinct 1.5 vs Newton distance for a minimalist runner looking for comfort after 20 miles? Or any other shoe suggestions for that matter.

2013-05-21 9:51 AM
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Marin County, California
Subject: RE: Altra instinct 1.5 vs. Newton distance
I have both, though once I started running in Altras I haven't used the newtons since they feel quite bizarre after wearing a flat shoe.

Couple thoughts, I found that Newtons on a trail feel incredibly unstable, there is only the lugs making contact with the ground. I tried running a non technical trail in mine and it made me super nervous for an ankle roll. I'm a natural mid/forefoot striker so spending the $$$ for Newtons to 'encourage' something I have always done was, to me, kinda pointless.

What I really like about the Altras is the toe box is really sweet-no pinched toes when your feet swell, there's plenty of space. They are not so cushioned that you can run sloppy late in a run but have enough to soften the blows. They are still a fairly hard shoe in the grand scheme of things, but I prefer a firm platform, even later in a long run/race.

I tried the Torins but found the extra cushion to be too much, my feet fought the shoes, my calves cramped and were super tight the next day. I imagine Hokas would be more extreme.

The last thing about the Altras is they come with 2 insoles, and I found that on days I just want a tiny bit more forgiveness I slip the 'strengthening' insole into the shoe under the regular one and that provides a nice bit of extra love for tired feet....and you can take it back out when you don't want it.

Order them direct from Altra or Roadrunner Sports or Running Warehouse so you can return them is they don't work. I made the mistake of buying the Torins from an LRS and after less then 10 miles knew they were a disaster and the LRS refused to exchange them even after reminded them that !ltra refunds stores for exchanges of their shoes within 30 days. Sad, but this is why I buy online when trying something new.
2013-05-21 11:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Altra instinct 1.5 vs. Newton distance
I don't know the Altra, but have another option for you.

Try the Merrell Mix Master 2. It's a great shoe, minimalist, but not quite barefoot. (4mm drop).
I use the MM2 for all my trail running, I've logged plenty of 20+ mile training runs in them, I've also raced for over 6 hours in them without issue.

I also have the Newton Distance for road running, also very good to race in, but I just don't get on with the Newton if the terrain gets any more unsteady than the smoothest road.

I know a lot of others use Newtons on trails as well as roads but I don't get on with them off road at all.

if you're looking for a distance road shoe, the Newton is excellent, if you're looking for a door to trail shoe, the MM2 is the option I'd recommend.

(that said I'm a running shoe junky so I'm off to check out the Altra :-) )
2013-05-27 7:39 AM
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Wendell, NC
Subject: RE: Altra instinct 1.5 vs. Newton distance
Thanks Suzanne, ran 12 in the Altras yesterday and I think I've found my distance shoe. Now I've become a shoe snob. VFFs for short, Merrell gloves for mid, and Altras for long runs. My wife is appalled ;-)
2013-06-01 9:01 AM
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Brookings South Dakota
Subject: RE: Altra instinct 1.5 vs. Newton distance
Check out the SKORA Form as well. 13mm with a very high density outsole. On sale at The and
I went from Vibrams to the Form's sister shoe Base and did my first 100 and 50 miler in that shoe.

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