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2013-05-21 10:45 AM

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Subject: Trifuel Ironman Plan Vs. Be Iron Fit
I'm currently training for my first IM, IMCDA which is June 23rd and I'm using the Trifuel 36 week plan. Due to life and work I don't religiously follow every workout but I have followed the hours per week pretty close. I'm feeling pretty good with the workout load so far and have hit the major milestones. The last four weeks for my Trifuel plan have been the peak hours (17, 18.20, 17 and 19). The next few weeks are 15:30, 15:30, 15:30, 10 and 4 (race week). My Brother In Law is doing the same race and he is using the Be Iron Fit plan and his hours are quite different these next few weeks. I think it goes something like: 19:30, 20, 14:30, 11, 11(plus the race).
My concern with the Trifuel plan is that it is peaking too early. I still have to put in a lot of work these next few weeks regardless but if I have the time should I do another 2 weeks of peaking then hit the 15:30, 10 and 4 for the last three weeks?
My goals for the race are to finish in the front of the MOP. I'm strong on the swim and Bike and a little weak on my run.

2013-05-23 6:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Trifuel Ironman Plan Vs. Be Iron Fit
I am doing IMCDA as well but I am following a different plan. This week has been recovery and the next 2 weeks are my biggest volume weeks. It sounds like you are feeling pretty good and if that's the case what about doing something like 19, 17, 15:30, 10 and 4? Maybe adding a bit more volume on the bike since it's easier to recover from?
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