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2013-05-27 12:03 AM

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Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Subject: Silver Spring Age Groupers
Greetings BT'rs
Returning to Silver Springs from overseas. Wanted to see if there were any training groups or individuals who I could join for workouts now and then. Will be turning 50, so my speed and ability is not superior. I am not setting any records but enjoy the sport and comradery. The guys I train with here are in much better skilled, so I am used to trailing. I am preparing for my first HIM in October. Thanks!

2013-10-15 2:55 PM
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Subject: RE: Silver Spring Age Groupers
live in silver spring. I plan to enter tri races for the 2014 season. I am 50 age group. Training now. run bike swim. facebook to contact under annette corrado.
2013-12-15 7:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Silver Spring Age Groupers
Also in Silver Spring.
Are you open to joining groups or clubs?
There are several options - some serious, some social, some structured, some not, some running clubs, some tri clubs.
I'm a member of a local running club, which I use for structured training programs (my running needs all the help it can get), and a nearby tri club for transition work, OWS company, etc. All are very welcoming and cater to all levels.
What are you looking for?
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