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2013-05-29 11:03 AM
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Subject: RE: Where should we move/ Where do you love to live?
Originally posted by matcrawf

Melbourne Australia is amazing. I moved here from Chicago a year ago and couldn't be happier.

Great lifestyle, perfect weather (although Aussies will tell you otherwise), amazing training.

I'm dreading moving back to Chicago, and will also be looking for a new "home" after this assignment..

Sorry for the slight hijack but I've often thought of working abroad. For those that are doing it or have, how did it come about?

Meaning did you work for a company that had foreign locations or did you get recruited for it or did you specifically look to work in a particular part of the world and set out to find a job there?

My youngest child will be out of the house in the next five years and I'm not SO old that I couldn't make a major relocation...


2013-05-29 11:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Where should we move/ Where do you love to live?

I would give just about anything to move back to Colorado.  That place was made for me.  Thanks God.

The only place he dropped the ball?  Not putting an ocean somewhere near the state...  Then it would be PERFECT.

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2013-05-29 1:09 PM
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Subject: RE: Where should we move/ Where do you love to live?
Originally posted by RedCorvette

Originally posted by Carrick1973 Personally, I'm looking at either Tampa, FL or Asheville (or Raliegh), NC area since we're in Rochester, NY, and can't stand the long winter weather where we don't get enough snow to snow-shoe or cross-country ski, but it's too cold to bike outside for 5 months of the year. There are benefits to both places, but I'm afraid Tampa is just too darn hot for many months in the summer, but it does have a great tri community, and Clermont, Florida is not too far away where the tri life is top-notch. The benefit of Tampa is good housing prices, lower taxes, great weather for 8 months of the year, and OWS right in the gulf. Here's the data on Asheville: here's the data on Tampa: - that website has a wealth of information, so make sure you use that resource, as it's been great help to us in our decision making process.

I've been in Sarasota, an hour south of Tampa for the last 27 years, but lived in Brockport, NY, just west of Rochester, for a few years prior to moving here.

It does get hot here in the summer, but to me it's just another incentive to get up early and train before it warms up too much.  Having the warm and relatively calm Gulf of Mexico handy for OWS is great. 

It's great to be able to train outdoors 12 months out of the year.  The one thing we lack for training are hills.  We have to make due with either doing repeats back and forth over the Ringling bridge over Sarasota Bay or making the trek up to the Clermont area on the weekend.

All that being said, I enjoyed my time in Brockport (except for the taxes).  We did a lot of cross country skiiing during the winter and I managed to run outside most of the year (as long as the roads were plowed). 



We are looking at the Lutz area, as well as the Starkey Park area, since there is so much wilderness and great long bike rides right out the back door it seems. Can you provide me information on what long rides are available where I won't get run over every time I go out? Any long rail-to-trail rides or long trails where you can cruise readily with ease? Also, how accessible is the gulf to OWS? When we were there, we didn't get to the beaches, as we didn't have much time, and I can't really tell from google maps if it's easy to just put on a wetsuit and start swimming.

2013-05-29 1:15 PM
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Subject: RE: Where should we move/ Where do you love to live?

There's one place in Texas that might be liberal enough for you: Austin.  The hills are beautiful, great culture, great food.  Too hot there for my taste, but if you're looking for warmer it definitely has that too.

Price-wise, i don't think that all of California is out.  If I can believe House Hunters, anything a ways from the ocean (hour or more) and it's more affordable.  Although that information about the government, taxes, etc. is compelling.

Good luck and have fun!

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