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2013-06-08 11:19 AM

Subject: New knee pain?
I switched tri shoes and now I'm getting knee pain. It doesn't hurt much during the ride but after its very sore in the lower front of the knee. Any idea on why I'm getting the pain in my knee all of the sudden. I haven't upped my miles or have done anything different. My cleats are as close as I can get to where they were the last time. I went from the pearl tri fly IV none carbon to the shimono trsh52 carbon. I had shims in my last shoes and put them back into these shoes to match. I have been fit to the bike and have had no changes. Thanks for any help or ideas. Plan on going back to the fitter if I can find out what's wrong just trying to save a couple of bucks.
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I can train for half marathons on pavement and on trails, but as soon as I change it up to gravel or loose dirt my knee swells and the pain it causes is unreal. Any ideas why this happens?
date : May 21, 2010
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Woke up at 7am and physically could not walk. Pain was shooting in my knee (almost dropped me to my knees). Later I went to my sports doc. He could not simulate the pain whatsoever.
date : December 28, 2009
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I have a very annoying pain under my knee cap. It does not hurt when I run or ride. It hurts a lot when I swim and when I walk up or down stairs. The pain is a searing pain. Help!
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I just completed my first Ironman season and I was free of injuries. I am now just messing around when I run at a fast pace (for me), I get a shooting pain in my right knee.
date : August 12, 2008
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After about 45-60 minutes of generally light jogging I am getting shooting pain in the left side of the knee under the patella.
date : July 15, 2008
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So lately when I run after about 3 miles I get a nasty pain on the outside of my knee area. I have been assuming it is IT band syndrome? What can I do to help this?
date : October 3, 2007
author : AMSSM
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The symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prevention of iliotibial band syndrome caused by excessive friction of the distal portion of the iliotibial band during activities like running.
date : January 16, 2007
author : AMSSM
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The long runs, before your training was up to speed, likely started-up some overuse injury. Inflammation occurred in the front part of your knee where the extensor mechanism of your knee functions.