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2013-06-10 5:06 PM

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Subject: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
I am planning on doing a HIM next year and was wondering which race others have preferred. Montauk is probably flatter, right? They are at the same time of year so water temp shouldn't be too different, right? I saw that they changed the bike on Toughman to an out and back, the previous course of doing the same 5 mile loop for 56 miles would have made the decision easy for me. Thanks for any help in advance.

2013-06-11 5:23 AM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
I have done the mightyman him but not toughman........ I see you are doing the oly mightyman this year. At that time you will get an idea of the bike course for.the HIM because it is nearly the same.but 2 loops...........though possibly the toughman has more elevation gain Montauk is definitely not.flat and is surprisingly hilly on the bike with some rollers in the beginning of the leg and especially the out and back to the lighthouse........the run has multiple down and backs that go down a hill then.up a hill which is even worse than murder hill which is the name of a hill on the I do not want to make MM to its the alps but based on your comment I want you ti be prepared for some.hills out there.

Is it your first HIM? If so, I would recommend the Bassman HIM in NJ bass river state park , they have a spring and fall version calm and surprisingly warm.lake, flat bike and flat run with trails......I believe I should have done this one first instead of visa versa.......Montauk is pretty bit when you are suffering its tough to.enjoy it....good luck

2013-06-11 8:27 AM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
Thanks - I took a look at Bassman and it looks like there were only 100 competitors in the whole race and 6 in my age group. I feel like for my first HIM I may want a "bigger production" at the finish line. Might even go down to Maryland for the Eagleman.
Also - thanks for the heads-up about MightyMontauk.
2013-06-11 3:34 PM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
Yes the Bassman has typically 150 total but they usually have a few races going on at the same time.....mightyman has about 300....if you want the big production dont do bassman, but still a fun race......look at the HITS series or Rev 3 races quassy is tough but fun from what I hear
2013-07-16 5:12 PM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
I did Toughman as my first half last year and thought it was a great race. Very well organized, a good, but hard course and just a great experience. I will be doing it again this year as well
2013-07-28 4:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM

Unitl the end of July the code "JULYFUN" at registration will save you $25 off of the fee for Westchester Toughman

2013-08-05 4:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Toughman or Montauk for first HIM
i done both. MM was my first and i enjoyed it. the run is mostly flat, but there's that one area where the hills are just crazy steep. the bay or lake swim is very nice compare to the hudson for toughman. i was one of the last athletes to finish so there wasnt that big finish area celebration that you are looking for. also, since i signed up on race day (was suppose to do poconos 70.3 but swim was cancelled) i got stuck on a rack that was totally packed. the transition is a little tight in my opinion.

TM - great event, lots of people. great challenging bike course on route 9 or 9A or 9N. swim in the hudson and the run was hilly except for the first/last mile and when you cross the croton dam. so except for those three areas, expect to climb and then climb again before you get to run downhill and then repeat. that's how it felt to me. oh, i would to add that some of the run takes place on trail/forest area so that was pretty cool.
okay, so here's the big real bad thing about TM and the reason why i will never do the race again. i want to say this about the race. it is 99% great and the 1% that makes this race suck big time is because there's a huge amount of bees in the transition and food area. it may not bother you, but it does bother me so im one and done for this race.

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