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Subject: Nutrition

Where is that hiding? I found it and clicked on it and it disappeared


Also when you inspire back sometimes it quotes and sometiems it doesn't. No rhyme or reason I can see

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date : December 8, 2009
author : Team BT
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Top experts in triathlon nutrition answer your common training and race day nutrition questions.
date : August 20, 2008
author : mrakes1
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During this past weekend's Olympic distance triathlon, lack of fuel and dehydration hurt me during the run. I feel a little lost with knowing what, when and how much to consume.
date : August 20, 2008
author : Nancy Clark
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For many athletes and active people, nutrition is their missing link. Here are a few ABC’s to get you started on the path to winning with good nutrition.
date : August 17, 2007
author : mrakes1
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Use this guide as a tool to perfect your nutrition during all three disciplines in a triathlon. Because not everyone requires the same quantity of macronutrients, be sure to practice your plan.
date : February 12, 2007
author : mrakes1
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Now is the time to practice, perfect and master your training and racing nutrition. Especially for the beginner triathlete, this is the time for developing an individualized nutrition plan.
date : January 1, 2007
author : Nancy Clark
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With the coming of the New Year, athletes commonly think about making nutrition resolutions. Good thing, given only 3 to 4% of Americans follow all of the established Dietary Guidelines.
date : July 30, 2006
author : mrakes1
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Understanding the scientific concept behind a small amount of nutrition before and during your shorter triathlons.
date : January 24, 2005
author : BrianPBN
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As every veteran athlete can attest, a non-existent or ill planned ‘race meal plan’ will leave you falling far short of your goals or even worse, in the medical tent.