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2013-06-13 12:07 PM

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Subject: newbie triathlete
Hi! My name is Christie craft and I hail from the great state of Mississippi! I am new to triathlons and hope to complete my first sprint this fall! I very much need support online and in the area. If anyone here is close, I would love to make a training partner and am open to any and all tips and tricks to training and completion of my first sprint! I am totally stoked!!

2013-06-14 12:52 PM
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Co Louth, Ireland
Subject: RE: newbie triathlete
Welcome to the site and the wonderful world of triathlon! You'll find loads of support & advice - don't be afraid to post questions - we were all new at some stage!
Look into the mentoring programmes to find a smaller group that help each other and motivate each other aong the way.

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