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2013-06-25 9:07 AM

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Subject: Tri Clubs near Cold Spring, NY
Hey Everyone,

I'm moving to Cold Spring, NY next week and I'm looking for a Tri Club near by to join. Cold Spring is just south of Beacon, NY and directly across the HUdson River from West Point. Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance,

2013-06-26 10:58 AM
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Cold Spring, NY
Subject: RE: Tri Clubs near Cold Spring, NY
First, welcome to Cold Spring!

I don't actually know of any specific tri clubs. I hear good things about the Hudson Valley Tri Club ( but they are pretty far north and West of Cold Spring. While its not a tri club, the team is chock full of s/b/r-ers. And even if you don't race with them, they do open group rides out of Wappingers Falls and Mahopac. You probably know this already, but there's good riding in practically any direction you turn from your new digs.
2013-06-27 9:56 AM
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Subject: RE: Tri Clubs near Cold Spring, NY
Thanks Bill!

I was checking Hudson Valley Tri out, they look great but like you said they are just to far north and west. I will defiantly check out Bikeway. Sounds like that might do the trick. I'm super excited to move, looks like tons of riding (and my other fav, hiking) in the area.

2013-07-02 9:12 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri Clubs near Cold Spring, NY
Check out Team Bikeway. Great shop and great group of people. Very active in the local Tri/cycling community. Flagship store is in Wappingers Falls, and the other shop is in Mahopac. I am near Mahopac so do those group rides but and stuff.

Besides the shop rides in the summer and store trainer sessions in the winter there are also groups that will meet up randomly.

PM for more info
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