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2013-06-27 10:40 AM

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Subject: Plano pools
I will be in Plano for the next week or so. Does anyone have any favorites/recommendations for a public pool to put in some volume?


2013-06-27 1:05 PM
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Plano, TX
Subject: RE: Plano pools
I don't have any experience at any of these pools because I swim at my gym. And I realize you could probably find this info with a google search, but thought I would save you the trouble if you haven't already. From what I've heard, Oak Point and Tom Muehlenbeck Center are nice and they're kind of on opposite ends of the city (within Plano) so one is likely nice....I believe those two centers are where the Plano masters club meets. Enjoy your week in Plano!
2013-06-27 1:09 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Plano pools

I've used three pools from the Plano Recreation Centers.  Oak Point and Tom Muehlenbeck are full rec centers with good 25 yard lap lanes and allow a $6/day drop in rate.  The Plano Aquatic center is just a pool with 25 yard lanes and a $3/day rate.  I've had no problem with any of these three pools and usually get a lane to myself or split a lane.

On the list you might see Jack Carter pool.  It's an outdoor pool and the 50 meter lap swim is only in the early morning for Masters.  After that time it's a leisure pool but does have lap swimming if you want ~23 yard lengths (it's <25 yards for some reason).

2013-06-27 2:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Plano pools
May also be worth checking out the Allen Natatorium. It always has at least two lanes open in their 50-yard lap pool for guests for $5/day.
2013-07-01 10:39 AM
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Subject: RE: Plano pools
Great suggestions all. Thanks!
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