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2013-07-01 5:00 PM

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Chandler, AZ
Subject: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?
I was wondering if anyone who has done this race in the past has the course data saved somewhere so I can check it out...I'm heading up to Flag this weekend and I'm planning on doing the bike route, but I'm not 100% sure of the course. I can't find a map on their website. If anyone has the data available it would be greatly appreciated...


2013-07-01 6:08 PM
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the desert
Subject: RE: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?
i don't have the map, but it's a simple course if you know the area.

Start at transition (lower lake mary parking lot). the course consists of 2 laps. head south down lake mary rd and turn right to make a loop around Mormon Lake. During the first lap, you add on a little out and back once you get around Mormon Lake and back onto Lake Mary. I think it is about a 4 mile stretch. Now fly downhill and back to transition.

Second loop is almost the same, except don't do the out and back at the top of Mormon Lake.

If you just did the Mormon Lake loop and back to transition twice, you'll get a great feel for the course and could then just add in whatever additional miles you wanted.
2013-07-05 2:28 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?
I agree with Tom - this is an easy course to ride, as you park and start at Lake Mary, then just ride out to the first Mormon Lake turnoff, ride the circle around Mormon Lake, then back down the main road and do the circle again before heading back to Lake Mary.

That little out and back after the first circle is a little irrelevant, and I cannot remember it being too hilly, either, so it poses no real additional learning for you (but you are always free to ride out a few miles and come back, just to say you did it).

Looking at my Training Peaks map from last year, you should hit the main road at about mile 19.25 (the completion of the first Mormon Lake circle), so if you turn right for the out and back, you would ride out about 2 miles, then turn around and head back for the second Mormon Lake loop.
2013-07-07 2:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?

Go to the Mt. Man website. It has the course mapped out for you. Thank goodness we don't have to climb that hill at the end of Mormon Lake loop. We get to fly down it instead. Yay!

I will be up there July 22-Aug.6th training.
2013-07-08 6:16 PM
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Subject: RE: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?
Hey All, let me know if anyone is planing a pre-race dinner and after event get together. Staying at the Little American Hotel.

2013-07-24 4:34 PM
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Phoenix, AZ
Subject: RE: Mountain Man 70.3 bike course?
Here's my garmn data from the 2010 race:

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