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2013-07-06 10:25 AM

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Subject: Flat kit for race day
I bought a disc cover and used it in my last race... what I didn't think about was that my CO2 inflator won't fit onto the valve without a crack pipe. Glad I figured that out before my "A" race next Saturday!

Here is what I run on race day... what's your setup?

-Spare tube (butyl) with spare valve extender already installed
-1 tire lever just in case my sweaty hands can't grip the tire
-1 CO2 cartridge with chuck
-1 crack pipe (haha I love saying that)
-I think I might add 1 Park Tool self-adhesive patch as well. Just a bit of added security to get me back to T2

I typically carry it all in a tiny under-seat bag. Tried taping it under the seat but it's all the way forward on the rails so no room. Thinking about taping everything to the top tube to get rid of the bag on race day.

2013-07-06 2:24 PM
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Northern IL
Subject: RE: Flat kit for race day
What inflator did you get? Sounds rather odd that it doesn't fit. 
2013-07-06 2:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Flat kit for race day
It looks like this:

There is a knob on the end opposite the CO2 that let's you turn off the flow and save some for later. It extends out too far and hits the other side of the disc cover.
2013-07-06 6:28 PM
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Fernandina Beach, FL
Subject: RE: Flat kit for race day
Does your crack pipe screw into the inflator or do you just hold them end to end?

I have one of these:
and have been wondering if it would fit in my disc cover or Hed 3. Haven't found out yet.

I also have one of these:
after 2 tries with it wasting 2 co2's I gave up
2013-07-06 7:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Flat kit for race day
Yes, it screws on... Or rather, it is a tight friction fit but the crack pipe has threads so you get to choose.

The good thing about this CO2 chuck is that you can control the inflation rate and stop it whenever you want. Also it's a lot smaller than some of the trigger operated models.
2013-07-06 8:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Flat kit for race day
Wow...I have a similar inflator for racing and I never thought about that the screw valve might not fit.  My crack pipe won't screw into my inflator though, so I'll probably get another inflator that doesn't have the screw valve.

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