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2013-07-15 1:45 PM

Subject: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
How are all the CT people feeling about race day? It is only 13 days away. I can't believe it is almost here after 2 years of thinking about it and preparing for the big day. I am pretty psyched for it. I am feeling well prepared. I wouldn't mind one or two more 100+ mile rides, but there is no time for that now. It is time to rest and prepare for the race mentally. Still got a few short workouts to go, maybe some 10 or 12 mile runs and a few swims. I am a little nervous about the bike, don't want to crash now. I'll be on the trainer in the morning a couple of times for this last week.

Stay healthy everyone and make it to the starting line. More importantly make it to the finish line! I hope to see some of you there myself.

2013-07-15 2:16 PM
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Higganum, Connecticut
Subject: RE: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
Not feeling ready, but I doubt I ever would feel ready for this distance... I am prepared to face that demon when I get there and let the chips fall as they may. I have done what I could since November to get myself ready, walking that line between "normal life" and triathlete, that we all juggle. I too hope that we BT'ers can meet up at Lake Placid - I'm now staying at the Northwoods Inn (a bit rundown but it works for the purpose). If you see number 1964 out there, say "hi" as ya fly by me.

I'm headed up there on Tuesday to take it all in, enjoy the ramping up to race day, and settle in.

Good luck to all!!!
2013-07-15 6:30 PM
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South Windsor, CT
Subject: RE: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
good luck to you both, Todd and Steve!
I am not racing this one this year but still have Mike Reilly on my iphone telling me 'I'm an ironman' from last year

Drink in the entire event. Let it wash over you and understand that you have done the work and the race
will be validation all of that hard work put in in training over these many months. I wished I could have bottled
up the electricity of the town during race week. It was fantastic!

It will be quite an experience and I wish you both well with the race itself. What are your numbers (so I can track you
both on race day)? Remember, it's all about the run. You need to get to that place 9-10 hours into the race (basically
getting close to the first lap of the run) holding it together, before even considering any time goal...and that takes execution
of your game plan without sapping too much energy for S or B.

And say 'Hi' to the BT crowd from me. I missed them during the get together/swim last year...

2013-07-16 9:00 AM
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Subject: RE: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
I am as ready as I can be - I keep jumping between nervousness and some level of confidence, but more nervousness than anything. Feeling good about the swim and pretty good about the bike, but the run has me a bit freaked out.

I'll be up on Wednesday - staying at my brother's house in Vermontville (up past Saranac Lake). I am number 2373.

Good luck to everyone!

2013-07-17 4:15 PM
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South Windsor CT
Subject: RE: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
Good luck to all of you competing at Lake Placid. I hope the heat cooperates and gives you a break.
May you have the time of your life.
2013-07-19 3:01 PM
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Subject: RE: IMLP 2013 Are you ready?
i sure hope so

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