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2013-07-16 4:24 PM

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Subject: Running drills for long distance

Anyone does running drills while training for long(er) distances, as in 10K and up?

Which drills do you recommend? Do you use drills as part of a warm up routine or do a dedicated drill set?

Thanks, Erik

2013-07-16 4:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Running drills for long distance
Unlike swimming, you don't need drills to run long. You can do drills until you're bored mindless from hours and hours of practice, and yet you'll get instantly smoked by a similar-abilitied no-drill guy who added 10-15miles per week of run volume compared to yours.

You do, however need to run long to run long. Lots of easy aerobic miles are your best bet with gradual progressive rampup in weekly volume. Overall weekly run volume is more important than the length of the single run.

If you're also cycling at the same time, adjust the run-bike workload accordingly to how much you're hammering your legs.

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2013-07-16 8:38 PM
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Subject: RE: Running drills for long distance
Meh, kinda agree, I would say 90% of the improvement you'll find is due to long runs and increasing weekly mileage. But hill repeats, strides, sprints and the like are hardly to be dismissed. But really, the long runs and increased mileage are the most important things. Run 30+ miles a week for six months and you won't have any questions after that.
2013-07-16 9:12 PM
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Subject: RE: Running drills for long distance
Add the two previous posts together and blammo, there you go. Volume trumps all but there's something to be said for incorporating strides, hills and some track work as your event approaches. But overall, it's volume that counts.
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