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Subject: Riding on US 27( Okeechobee) in Dade / Broward?
Ok, so after some time of riding other locations, i decided to venture out this weekend to US27 by Medley and ride up to Griffin and back (would've been about a 40 miler)... Well, 7 miles in, I get a flat, no biggie, pull over, change, and I'm on my way... "what are the chances of getting a second flat on one trip"? I thought, lol... I have been veryyyyyyyyy fortunate when it comes to getting flats... Well, 2 miles later, the front now goes flat... and no spare nor other repair kit, lol... Fortunately, pulled over under a tree, and had my trusty / dependable wife come pick me up...

I see riders all the time riding on US27, I can't imagine they get as many flats at I did in ten miles. Off of Medley, I was riding to to right of the white line where it says "bike path", then just kind of stayed to the right of that white stripe, kind of knowing that all the debris blows to the side, but with trucks passing by , I figured it was best. My next ride out, i feel like just staying more on the stree, to the left of the white line..

What is the normal practice for those that either ride that path or ride other major roads to avoid flats?

2013-07-24 1:33 PM
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Subject: RE: Riding on US 27( Okeechobee) in Dade / Broward?
27 isn't that bad, as long as you stay to the right of the white line. You have to be OK w/ BIG trucks whizzing right by you, and that unnerves some. I've taken it all the way to Clewiston, and it's OK. Some rough spots and lots of road debris, but it's really the only way to get to Lk. Okeechobee from points south.

As an aside, Do NOT EVER EVER EVER RIDE YOUR BIKE ON KROME AVENUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! No shoulder, a.m. fog, hellacious's always ranked by FLDOT as one of the state's most dangerous roads. Never ride there, no matter what.
2013-07-24 2:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Riding on US 27( Okeechobee) in Dade / Broward?
There is a lot of debris of all shapes and sizes on the side of the road. I would venture a guess you got unlucky.
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