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2013-07-20 7:23 PM

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Subject: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame

This is advised to me by my pro bike fitter to pply carwax to make my frame shiny it is suppose to
reduce drag anybody tried to do this? How much drag does it reduce?

let me knw


2013-07-20 7:29 PM
in reply to: strykergt

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Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame

It's fine if you want to do it just because you just want your bike to sparkle.  As far as how much it will reduce drag, I'd guess not even enough to measure.


2013-07-20 8:31 PM
in reply to: TriMyBest

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, Guam
Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
strykegt---I have been using AmorAll Ultra Shine Wipes for years on my Zipp 2001 frame, H3 front and Zipp rear disc. Works great.
I'm NOT an engineer but I know that I save 30watts when my frame and wheels are all wiped down and SLIPPERY with the ArmorAll. (At least it feels 30watts faster). :-)
Hope this helps
2013-07-21 5:32 AM
in reply to: spearit

Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
You likely couldn't measure the savings after waxing your arms and legs let alone your bike frame...but do wax your bike to protect the finish from sweat and road will likely make it easie to clean in the future too.
2013-07-21 7:03 AM
in reply to: strykergt

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The Road Back
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Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
If "my pro bike fitter" was serious when he made that statement his total credibility would take a significant nosedive. Cool
2013-07-21 8:27 AM
in reply to: the bear

, Ohio
Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
Wow. I think people have what too much time to waste.

2013-07-21 10:10 AM
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Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
This is why people wax their cars. Not for protection or looks, but for power. Sexy, Nasty Power.

I think your fitter was either joking or being a tool.

People here say something that I don't fully understand, though. They say that your bike will be much faster if you pee on it.

After you wax it down, lay it on the ground and pee on it. Apparently that will save you about 90 seconds on your next 40K TT.

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2013-07-22 10:38 AM
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Subject: RE: Applying Carwax to TT Carbon Frame
I'd bet money that dollar for dollar it is more effective than going from a P2 to a P5
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