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2013-08-20 9:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Jackson County
That swim course has been different every year. At least everyone swam the same mystery distance, except the one lappers. I was cool with it, but knew it felt longer than a 1500 m swim. Oh well. I did like that we could just turn at the buoy and not have to swim to the beach and perform the baywatch run.

I think Elite missed out on numbers by not utilizing marketing. Other than Elite Cycling email newsletters, I never heard anything about the race. If I didn't know about it from doing it, I would not have known about it. They needed to reach beyond their walls to attract new and gain former participants.

I like the gear giveaway after awards, but I think they could have made a splash with adding medals and age group awards. That's something 90% of the triathletes complained about for this event. Other than the PA guy announcing that Elite took the race over, it was pretty much the same event as in the past. Not that it was bad, but no wiz bang moments that make you think "man, this new ownership is really changed things for the better".

I had a great time, wished I would have been faster on the bike, and didn't miss any turns. So, win for me.

2013-08-21 11:55 AM
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Subject: RE: Jackson County
I also wondered if it was a long swim. No biggie, my pace was way slower than my normally slow pace is all. I had a hell of a time sighting on the way out, but it is what is. No more than I've swam this year, every time out is just to complete it.
I chuckled a little at the bridge that seemed to be a big deal. I was rolling along nicely and didn't even notice it until I was right to it.

That was a really fun course I thought, just hard enough to be fun, and just flat enough to be fast. Fast is a relative term though, fast for me is warmup pace for most of you! For once I liked the shirt, and I always like beer mugs. Being a swag , a medal would've been cool but not a deal breaker. All in all we had a good time. Parking up close was nice, took a bit to get out and someone directing the exit lines would've been ok but it wasn't horrible. There's always some butthole that thinks they can drive past everyone in line and cut in.

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