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2013-07-31 6:03 AM

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Subject: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear

Sorry a search did not give me an answer

Finished IMLP sunday!!!!! however when putting on the suit (xterra vortex 3) my heel (probably nervous energy)put a tear about half of the circumference of the leg but only about 4 inches from the bottom, so it did not effect my swim,

So should I fix it and how? any links? or chalk it up to another expense of doing an IM and buy a new one with a rip that big though in a better spot to have a rip


2013-07-31 7:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear
I tore a seam in the crotch of my wetsuit, about a 2 inch tear during a race a month ago, water just poured in. Everything I read about fixing it said send it back to the manufacturer to have it professionally fixed, but I needed it for OWS training and more races, so I researched fixing it myself. I used 4 lb test fishing line to sew it (with the knots on the outside) and the stitching very tight/close. Then bought some Aquaseal and put it on and let it dry. It hasn't re-torn or leaked and I've used it 6-7 times since the repair. Seems like a perfect fix to me. YMMV.
2013-07-31 7:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear
2013-07-31 8:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear
Originally posted by DanielG

Those are just representations of what you can use. You can probably find each cheaper if you really look for it.

THANKS for info
2013-07-31 9:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear
I agree with this. Wetsuit glue is just as strong, or stronger, than the neoprene itself. I have fixed many wetsuits with wetsuit glue (the black stuff) and it hold fine for years. Unless the seam split I wouldn't bother sending it back to the manufacturer to fix as they are probably just going to glue it anyways. Also, in my experience, there is no need to sew anything. Just put the wetsuit glue (multiple coats) on each side of the tear, wait for it to get tacky and then press it together and hold it for a few minutes.
2013-07-31 9:56 AM
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Subject: RE: Best way to fix a wetsuit tear
No experience with fixing a tri-type wetsuit, but here is the procedure I've used many times for neoprene kayak sprayskirts and the like:

1. Apply a piece of painter's tape to the inside of the tear, closing the tear and leaving only a small (1-2 mm) gap.
2. Completely fill the gap you left in the tear with aquaseal (available from stores that sell dive or paddling equipment or online, $7)
3. Smooth the aquaseal over the tear (wear a glove) and apply another piece of painter's tape, completely covering the tear.
4. For the flattest finish, sandwich the repair between two boards, clamp & leave 24 hours.

If you want to keep the aquaseal around, toss it in the freezer. Keeps it fresh. Aquaseal is great because it will stretch & give a little bit. Again, I haven't used it on the soft rubber neoprene xterra uses, but if it will hold on a sprayskirt (under a lot of tension) it should hold on a wetsuit.

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