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Subject: santa monica
hi I will be spending a considerable amount of time in the santa monica area the next 3 weeks. any suggestions on good 40-50 mile road bike rides? will take my bike with me. also swim ideas? thanks

2013-08-05 4:56 PM
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Los Angeles
Subject: RE: santa monica
Tower 26 ocean swims Wednesday morns. La tri club swim sun morn in marina del Rey, Zuma swims also sun morn. Pool swim at Santa Monica pool...50 meter outdoor pool.

Bike, get on the pch and ride north...that's 60 miles right there. Or google stunt rd climb. Pch to topanga, take that up and over to mulholland then ride to Malibu canyon rd which spits you out onto the pch. Nice 55 miler with lots of climbing.
2013-08-06 4:29 PM
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Subject: RE: santa monica

Ditto on the PCH rides, just be VERY careful between Santa Monica and Cross Creek. It's not the safest road in the world *especially* coming back south due to all the residences.  Keep your head on a swivel and be very visible.  riding here in the summer with beach traffic is outright dangerous.  Used to do it all the time

If I am riding the santa monica mountains, we now drive to cross creek and start from there.

Good climbs right off PCH south to north are Latigo, Encinal, and Mulholland.   Stunt is good but you gotta know how to get there and then get home.  Yerba Buena would be a great climb if they fixed the pavement.  Topanga is good but there is one steep narrow part where traffic will be very close to you

Don't climb Malibu Canyon or Kanan

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Subject: RE: santa monica
thanks. great suggestions!
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