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2013-10-29 11:13 AM
in reply to: wkparker

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Subject: RE: B2B 2013
NICE JOB EVERYONE> used to think of IMs that this race was "easier" but of course that was a dumb way to think. Not to mention, it turned out not easier really.... V impressed with all your efforts!

2013-10-29 6:16 PM
in reply to: wkparker

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Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Subject: RE: B2B 2013
Originally posted by wkparker

Heaters, huh? You full distance guys get all the perks. ;-)

My AG went out at 9:20 - there was a lot of shivering for a couple of hours before we entered the water (which was 30 degrees *warmer* than the air!). I was very happy that I picked up a "disposable" hoodie at the thrift store last week.

This was my first half and I loved it. Swim was better than expected (between the wetsuit and the salt water, I felt like a cork), but that was a chilly run to T1.

Agree with others that the bike was tougher than I expected. After that long slog into a headwind up Hwy 421, I expected a tailwind on the way back down - didn't happen. The entire leg felt like 55 miles of uphill with a little coasting after the final bridge (BTW - those bridge gratings are crazy on tri tires).

Loved the run - beautiful setting, lots of shade, and great volunteers & crowds. Started out a bit too fast and had to back off after the turnaround. Even so, finished it only 3 min slower than my half mary PR.

I'll admit to getting a little verklempt when I saw the finish line. I trained for Augusta in 2011 & 2012. After getting hit by a car during the Chattahoochee Challenge (in August 2011) and a season ending bike wreck last September (only 2 weeks before Augusta IM), it was an emotional release to finally cross that line.

BTW - I saw a cyclist down on the other side of the highway as I was headed up Hwy 421. There was an ambulance, fire truck, police on site. Anyone have any info? I always say a prayer for folks in that situation - I've been "that guy" and know what it's like.

- Kerry

haha, the heaters were necessary when the temps were 36!! I was in a disposable hoodie, too, but after being out in the cold for a few hours, it could have been a parka with a built in heater and it wouldn't have mattered much! Way cold! Glad the wind had not picked up (yet).

I loved the swim! It was super. I didn't feel corky, and really missed any kind of current, but glad that I got a chance to see what I could do on a full swim with no help (minus wetsuit, of course!). This was my first beach mass start and I LOVED was great! I loved every punch, slap, kick, and elbow! One guy swam over me, and I'm pretty sure it was on purpose, and that I didn't love, but otherwise, it was so fun!

The bike really caused me probs at the start b/c I left my lower body exposed, thinking it'd warm did, eventually, but my hamstrings wanted to cramp and I'm guessing it's b/c of the low to mid 30 degree (with windchill) temps they were exposed to....and the winds were just demoralizing to go into a headwind like that for 3 hours...Finally got a tailwind for the last 20, but that's not enough distance to make up for the first part of the ride!

The run rocked...I really like the course, minus having to run past the finish before starting the second loop. Boy, that was tough...Had that been a training run, I'd of stopped right there!

I never saw anyone get hurt, but thought a few times that it was bound to happen. I hope they're OK, whoever they are...Those grates were a bit nerve racking...I did not expect to slip and slide as much as I did! All I could think of was "meat grinder" if you fell.

Someone (on ST) mentioned there was a 7 foot gator sunbathing on the run course...did anyone see that? I sure didn't, and I ran it twice!
2013-10-29 7:36 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: B2B 2013
There's a picture of the 'gator on ST. Dinosaur on the course, for sure.
2013-10-30 2:17 PM
in reply to: d00d

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Subject: RE: B2B 2013
Great race everybody!

I had a lot of fun cheering people on and giving high-5s to the full finishers after I had a chance to shower and grab my bike.
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