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2013-08-05 9:54 PM

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Arlington, VA
Subject: Diagnose me
I already have a PT appointment for later this week to get the opinion of an expert who can actually see and poke me, but I wanted to see if I could be a little bit more informed when I go into it.

I have recently started focusing more on putting my foot down earlier and shortening the forward part of my stride. This past week I woke up one morning and one ankle felt inflexible and actually hurt when I dorsiflect my foot even in the restricted range of motion. Normal life does not hurt it at all. Running actually doesn't hurt at all either, so I brilliantly decided to go for a 5, 4, and 10 mile run on this. The morning after the 10 mile run, my ankle was very swollen, but still doesn't hurt at all walking around (I haven't tried running today). I can still make it hurt by dorsiflecting and by poking the boney protruding ends of the tibia and fibula.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm just curious so that I can be that annoying guy who goes into the PT thinking he already knows what's wrong (not really). I trust the pros, but I wanted to see if I can be proactive about treatment. It basically feels like ITBS of my ankle, so I'm treating it with NSAIDs (yes, I know about the concerns with NSAIDs) and ice for now.


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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Diagnose me
honestly is sounds like severe shin splints to me... hopefully not to the stress fracture stage.

im not a doctor. i don't have your injury. just saying
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