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2013-08-11 9:31 PM

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Subject: Sore Spots and Pain Over Leg
I have sore, tender muscles; some in the quad, some above and around the knee, down the inside of the shin, upper calf near attachment behind knee, outside of calf down almost to ankle, and sometimes I get a knot behind the knee at the approx. attachment point to calf muscles. 4 days off completely and not better at all. At a loss. Going to the doctor soon as appointment available but wondered if anyone else has experienced something like this.
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date : October 15, 2012
author : AMSSM
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Over the past couple of months I've been waking up with a sore heel. Right in the center, it feels like I stepped on a pebble and bruised it. The pain, fairly minor, goes away as the day progresses.
date : January 5, 2009
author : AMSSM
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I have a pain deep in my calf about five inches below the knee. A sports doctor did not feel anything wrong in the muscle, and there was no bruising. The tender spot can still be felt on massage.
date : November 12, 2008
author : AMSSM
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I have a sore muscle or nerve on the front of my right leg, from above my knee to waist area, with most of the pain in the middle of my leg. After a run or long walk it starts getting sore.
date : July 15, 2008
author : AMSSM
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So lately when I run after about 3 miles I get a nasty pain on the outside of my knee area. I have been assuming it is IT band syndrome? What can I do to help this?
date : May 5, 2008
author : marmadaddy
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date : August 7, 2007
author : AMSSM
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Yesterday I ran 10 miles. At mile 7 it started feeling sore. At mile 9.5 I got a shooting pain and walked the last 1/2 mile. I have a half Ironman to do in a week and a half. What are my chances?
date : September 3, 2006
author : AMSSM
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Near the end of one of my long runs, I noticed my left hip aching. There was a slight pop with each step. The hip was sore for 2 days after the run.
date : October 2, 2005
author : acbadger
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I recognize that my 45 minute jog Wednesday night does not really count as a ”long” run, but for me it was! Yesterday I felt fine…but man, today the legs are SORE.