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2013-08-12 5:02 PM

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Subject: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
I'm going to do my first IM at CDA next year.
I've done two HIM and at the end of September I'm doing my first full Marathon.

My goal is to finish.
The Swim and bike don't worry me, but I'm a really slow runner, I expect to do the full standalone Marathon at 5 hours give or take 5min.

I'm also doing the Oceanside/California HIM at the end of March, This is about a month earlier than the Iron fit plan has the HIM race scheduled...

So my question are :
1)Since I'm such a slow runner should I extend the long runs in this plan to be more similar to what I expect to run?

2)I'll follow the plan as close as possible up to the Oceanside HIM, but there will be a longer gap between the HIM and IM than the plan calls
for how should I make this adjustment?

Thanks for the advice...


2013-08-12 8:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
I used iron fit for imcda in '12 and imlou in 2 weeks. My answers to your questions below. I am no coach and have no access to your past logs so take fwiw:

1. Absolutely not. Huge risk of injury by arbitrarily extending the run. If you want to build volume look at frequency. Google BarryP plan over at slowtwitch. Have you considered a run/walk strategy?

2. Take some recovery time from the HIM and then maintain some volume from where you left off. Don't burn yourself out.
2013-08-12 10:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
1. I'd say no. I actually got a little faster following his interval plans. Which plan are you going with? Competitive, Just Finish, or the in between one? I adjusted my plan for week 1-18 to use Hal Hideon's Novice 2 marathon plan (just the long day run) since I had a marathon at week 18. It worked for me but I was in really good running shape before I started the program.

2. I don't think it will kill you to go the HIM before what he plans for. I did not use my HIM as my A race. I just used it as a learning race since I've never done a HIM or IM before. Since you've done a few before, doing the HIM is really not as important for you. If you do decide to do it, take a look at what he does (I had to adjust my plan by a week which isn't bad).

He pretty much has you building until the week of the HIM.
HIM week is a easy week. This is your "rest week" and this you peak week is right before the race.
The week after the HIM there is still a lot of training but no intervals in the training since it's an "easy" recovery week.

What are your goals for the HIM? Do you just want to use it as a refresher or are you trying to race it? I would think you could train right through it, even 4 weeks earlier, but it's not going to be your best race but it's not like you're going to DQ either from not having build up that extra 1 long bike and 30 min run.
2013-08-12 11:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
I used his competitive plan. Like you I am a slower runner. My longest run in the plan was appox. 3 hrs. It amt to about 13 miles. My total run time was at or above the others training for the same race. My mileage was lower. It was my 1st Iron Distance Race. I ended up with lower splits each checkin. I used a run walk strategy plus walked any major hills which there were plenty. I would not go more than the plan suggests. Trust the plan and trust your training. I was fooling with the idea of adding more frequent runs of shorter distances rather than the longer runs. I never did or had to but was considering it if my heel kept acting up. Fortunately I made it to start line relatively injury free.
2013-08-13 7:49 AM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
#1 - No. Trust the plan.

#2 - Just swap/substitute the HIM race week plan with the week of your actual race. If the week of your race you are supposed to do 4 hour ride, 2 hour run, etc...just do that week when the HIM is in the plan and do the HIM week plan the week you race (hope that makes sense).
2013-08-13 9:36 AM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
The Iron Fit competitive plan is what I was considering. For those that commented on the HIM, the Iron Fit plan has you doing a a HIM race as part of the plan. The problem is that using Oceanside as this race, its too early... IE I can adjust the plan so Oceanside is at the right place in the plan, then I'm ready for the IM too early... or I can set up the Iron fit plan to arrive at the IM ready, but then Oceanside is too early...

My thought was to do the plan so Oceanside is in the right spot, and I was looking for advice on how to extend the plan to make the interval between the HIM and the IM longer.

Oceanside is a Local race for me.

2013-08-13 11:40 AM
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The Woodlands, TX
Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
Keep the planned timed to fit the IM, and let the Oceanside chips fall where they may. The adjustment's I'd look at making for Oceanside are to move the HIM week and the following (recovery) week to fit......Thjen I'd look at what's being displaced and the hole around the HIM weeks in the plan.....

You should be able to see the pattern to the plan and adjust accordingly. For the most part, BIF follows a three week build, one week recovery pattern. You may need to make small adjustments if your races fall outside this cycle.

As far as your long runs go, I think the answer is based on your training history, recovery needs, and how much time you have available. Everyone's response to training is different. For me, knowing how I typically recover, I would have no problems extending my long runs beyond what's called for in the BIF program, as long as I kept the pace reasonable. I find more benefit in adding the time onto my long run than be adding those same extra miles elsewhere in the week if I'm training to complete an endurance-type of event..

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2013-08-14 11:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
I am in the middle of Fink's competitive plan and I think you need to leave the run volume where it is. The most important thing is trying to get all your workouts in and this will build you a really solid base. I was never a fast runner but have become much faster and i can hold a steady pace without much issue now, but after my long runs on Sunday, i am tight and still a bit sore the following day, so adding volume would not be a good idea IMO. i am in week 16 i think and am knocking out 30+ miles per week already and i am still weeks off of the peak phase so there is plenty of run volume already in the plan. biggest thing is make each workout count, don't just go through the motions...have a purpose.
As far as Oceanside, i interpret Fink's reason for doing an Olympic and a HIM is mostly to tune up your race day plan, practice it and getting use to racing next to others. I am not doing a HIM before IMAZ, my last tune up is Malibu in about 4 weeks from now. I would like another race but it just not fit into my schedule so i will just keep cranking away on Fink's plan and hope for a good race day.
2013-08-14 3:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Be Iron Fit plan...adjustments...
I'm not too sure what to suggest exactly, but by the time you hit where your schedule says to do the Olympic race, you may very well feel like you could do the HIM just fine. And since the Oly is scheduled about a month before the HIM is scheduled, YOUR HIM should fall relatively close to where you would do the scheduled Oly.

I'm doing the competitive program sorta; I don't do the easy spin session on my long Z1/Z2 run in the build phase, but I do everything else that is scheduled. The olympic I signed up for was 1 week too soon, so I swapped the Oly training week (Week 18) to Week 17. I will then do Week 19, as it is a recovery week from the race, and then go back to Week 16, then 20, then 21, and so forth.

No HIM even remotely close to the scheduled date, so I plan to do my own mock race. My husband will drive the car to different places so I can refill bottles and do transitions, ultimately wind up at a park with ~1 mile loops for a easy way to have an aid station every mile.

Hope that helps!

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