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Subject: Superfrog
This is my first post. After years of running, hiking, weightlifting, and being generally focused on fitness, I set a goal of completing a HIM by my 40th birthday later this year. I've signed up for Superfrog in September.

I completed a marathon in early May, and then bought a bike and switched to triathlon training. I've been following a custom plan I created from BT. I hadn't ridden a bike in almost 20 years, but have progressed to being able to average 18-19MPH over 40-50 mile rides. My swimming needed some technique work (and probably still does) so I took a triathlon swim clinic, which was very helpful.

I noticed they made the cutoff times more aggressive than in previous years. Here's what it says from their website:

Cut-off times: (These are more of a guideline)
Swim – 1 hour from swim start, each wave(including the last) will have at least this much time to complete the swim.
Bike – 3 hours
Run – 3 1/2 hours
Overall cut-off time of 7 1/2 hours to complete the SUPERFROG.

It sounds like they aren't going to stop you if you're a little over the cutoff for an individual leg. A 3 hour bike could be challenging for newbies like me. Anyone have experience with the cutoffs at Superfrog?

I would love to hear from folks who've done Superfrog in the past or who've signed up for this year.

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Subject: RE: Superfrog
It sounds like you'll do fine. If you look at the 2012 results, about 20% of the field was over 3 hours on the bike. I haven't done it, but it sounds like a fast course, only about 1/2 the field makes 3 hours at Oceanside. My rule of thumb is that anyone who can marathon will do fine on the bike. Here are 2012's results.
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Subject: RE: Superfrog
Thanks for the feedback, John! That is reassuring.
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