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2013-08-23 1:09 PM

Hoosier heartland
Subject: Muncie Man
Anyone doing Muncie Man? I think I'm going to do it, just need to sign up. The swim is a 3k!! Interesting.

2013-08-24 11:37 PM
in reply to: cggale

Subject: RE: Muncie Man
I considered doing it, but I'm tired of swimming by August and start focusing on the fall running season. I wouldn't have the swim fitness I would want going into this race.
2013-09-08 9:42 AM
in reply to: cggale

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Extreme Veteran
Russiaville, IN
Subject: RE: Muncie Man
I did it that swim was kind of tough, not sure if it was the chop or current or something else. The run is always hot and hilly, I hope you did well
2013-09-10 8:53 PM
in reply to: rpm1418

Hoosier heartland
Subject: RE: Muncie Man
Yes I finished. I was fairly pleased with my swim. But yes, the water was choppy and it was difficult to sight well coming back. My run was pretty pitiful, but I was proud that I finished. I was really disappointed that the aid stations had NO electrolyte drinks!! Not everyone likes gels. This was the first triathlon that I have done that didn't offer electrolyte drinks. I can understand for a sprint, but anything Olympic or longer should have gatorade. Oh well, I guess they were trying something different. Good job finishing!!
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