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Subject: My first triathlon

Decided to start training for my first triathlon. I've been an active rower for two years at my college, and participated in the red bull x-row in 2012 (combined rowing and running (with boat), and I am currently training 10 hours a week (combined strength and cardio) so I'm in fairly good shape. However, I'm finding it a bit difficult finding an appropriate starting program for a beginner triathlete in decent shape. I've been looking at beginner programs, but they seem to be lower intensity and frequency than I am used to. Also, Friele's training bible seems to be for the more experienced triathlete? If anyone could give me some advice on how to approach this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Subject: RE: My first triathlon
Have you looked up any of the Olympic distance plans? You might find that the training for an Oly is more similar to what you're looking for. You can still race a sprint off of an Olympic distance plan.
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