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Subject: Oops again ... for heavens sake ... mods please delete.

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date : August 7, 2009
author : FitWerx
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Would it be a simple and advisable to swap back and forth between the road seat post with no aero bars and the tri seat post with aero bars?
date : December 19, 2008
author : AMSSM
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I just completed my first Ironman season and I was free of injuries. I am now just messing around when I run at a fast pace (for me), I get a shooting pain in my right knee.
date : August 5, 2008
author : FitWerx
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I have a Specialized Allez Elite road bike with aero bars. It has the stock seatpost. I am interested in changing the seat post to one that is more forward. What would I look for?
date : June 5, 2008
author : mrakes1
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By adequately fueling with protein and carbohydrates within 30-minutes post workout, consecutive workouts will be more successful.
date : December 17, 2007
author : Diane1961
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The Monday after the race, I go to my health club for my first Pilates class in six years. I look like the fittest person here. Fortunately, I don’t mention to anyone that I’m a triathlete.
date : November 20, 2007
author : mrakes1
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Depending on the length of your workout, there are several options to choose for a post-workout snack. Includes 3 smoothy recipes for workouts over 2-3 hours.
date : November 4, 2007
author : mrakes1
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What you eat prior to your workout will determine your energy levels during a workout. What you eat after a workout will determine how quickly you recover.
date : February 8, 2007
author : AMSSM
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I find this is occurring after almost every workout. The pattern is always the same: freezing 10 min after a workout and 2 hours to warm up again. I am not sick. My diet is healthy.