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2013-09-06 8:00 PM

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Subject: Bike Hydration

So what do you guys think? 

2013-09-06 8:01 PM
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Morgan Hill, California
Subject: RE: Bike Hydration
Where do the limes go?
2013-09-07 9:02 AM
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Fort Wayne, IN
Subject: RE: Bike Hydration
Be careful taking the cap off on the fly, especially when the bottle is almost empty.
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date : February 18, 2008
author : Ontherun
comments : 7
Looking for a liquid hydration system for your runs? We review the unique Amphipod RunLite 4 belt hydration system. Other than a few small issues, it has performed well.
date : January 30, 2005
author : Glenn
comments : 0
Many of us do not enjoy the ‘pleasures’ of training on a stationery trainer. “Boring”, ”mind-numbing”, “a drag” are three phrases often associated with indoor trainers.
date : January 24, 2005
author : BrianPBN
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As every veteran athlete can attest, a non-existent or ill planned ‘race meal plan’ will leave you falling far short of your goals or even worse, in the medical tent.
date : October 17, 2004
author : BrianPBN
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Well the day is finally here. I don't believe a single workout has gone by in these past 9 years where the idea of being at the start line of the Ironman Hawaii didn't creep into my head.
date : October 10, 2004
author : BrianPBN
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So far the taper is feeling good and I'm getting that itchy feeling to race. I know this will grow even stronger when I get to the island and see my friends and PBN Team members.  
date : October 3, 2004
author : BrianPBN
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Definitely glad this weekend is out of the way as 145 miles of cycling and 27 miles of running in two days is a fair amount.
date : August 31, 2004
author : smeeko
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Drafting, open water swimming, hydration bricks and aero bar tips for your first Olympic triathlon race.
date : August 28, 2004
author : BrianPBN
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Not one menu is a perfect fit for all athletes, but there are some general rules that everyone can use as a guide during the final 24 hours leading into your race.