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2013-09-08 11:03 PM

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Subject: Vega and Ironman
Has anyone raced any long distance races using Vega products? Particularly on the bike. I use them on the run, but have been an Infinit user for the bike portion of the race. Just curious as to how many gels/bottles etc. one would carry.

2013-09-10 7:36 AM
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Waukegan, IL
Subject: RE: Vega and Ironman
I use some Vega products, but don't do iron distance events.

I typically only use the gels, so I'll speak to that. On a 2 1/2 hour ride followed by a 1hr run, I take 1 gel about 45 minutes into the bike, and then another gel or some fruit leather about 15 minutes before ending the bike. I don't usually take in any solids on the run as I usually only do Xterras and an occasional Oly, so as long as nutrition on the bike was good, I'm ok on the run.

If they were cheaper, I might do a 2nd gel on the bike before the run instead of the fruit leather.

On my long rides (3+ hours) I'll alternate gel/fruit leather/dates every 30-60 min.

If I were going to be riding for 6+ hours, I'd probably do a gel at 45 min, then alternate gel and real food every 30 minutes. Occasionally I'll skip one or two of the eating times.

The reason I mentioned real food is that if you're using Vega products, I'd guess that you may have made some diet choices to be healthier (vegetarian, maybe vegan, maybe less meat, no grains, something...). While Vega products are more "whole" than other gels (I can actually pronounce the names of most ingredients and recognize what they are!) they still are not "whole" foods. Which is why I choose to take in some real food during my training. For a long event like Ironman, I personally would need some real food. Medjool dates are delicious, portable, and full of energy. Mashed up banana in a Ziplok bag with a salty cracker and a smidge of honey is also a great snack, although it's a bit bigger. I have also been known to eat 1/2 of a thin peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a long run or bike (more than 3 hours) and reduce the other amounts.

I haven't tried Vega's electrolyte drink mix...their flavors are a little different from the norm and I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it. Have you tried it? How is it?

I tend to be on the light side of things when it comes to nutrition. I think most people take more than me, so remember that when considering.

Sorry if that was more info than you needed or wanted...I was on a roll.

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2013-09-10 8:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Vega and Ironman
I haven't tried them, but I seem to remember Rich Roll mentioning them in his book (he does like the Ultraman competitions and stuff) on a plant-powered diet...
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