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2013-09-13 3:39 PM
in reply to: TheClaaaw

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Rural Ontario
Subject: RE: Am I downgrading if I give up clipless pedals?
Its not unusual to start feeling your feet after 100mi, but after 24mi its too early.
Better (stiffer & more breathable) shoes, footbed inserts, corecctly placed cleats should all alleviate foot burn.

As for using platform pedals:
On short courses it won't affect your time.
On long courses it will affect your time but if your foot hurts, that will affect it more.

The only time I ever won my AG was a super-sprint (400m / 10km / 2.5km) where I purposely put on platform pedals on my bike to save a shoe change. I gave up maybe 15-30seconds on the bike leg but gained time in T1 and T2.

2013-09-13 3:58 PM
in reply to: mgalanter

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Deep in the Heart of Texas
Subject: RE: Am I downgrading if I give up clipless pedals?

Andy, this might or might not apply to you, but it is something I have noticed myself.  When I get hot spots on my feet, it is almost always towards the end of a relatively long ride (relative to current conditioning).  While time on the pedals must be a contributing factor, I also find that I get lazy with my pedaling technique as I get fatigued.  Most importantly, I stop utilizing a full pedaling stroke opting to power mostly from pushing down on the pedal.  When my feet start to hurt, I remember to pull up on the pedals as well and it helps reduce the burning and I believe if I were not to have slacked off on pedaling to begin with, I may not have experienced foot pain in the first place.

2013-09-13 5:36 PM
in reply to: Hook'em

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Subject: RE: Am I downgrading if I give up clipless pedals?

Glad you are on the right track. I was just chiming in to tell you to try EVERYTHING first. I had hotspots a few years ago. The podiatrist placed some super thick foam on the bottom of my shoe insoles. It was cut in a u and thicker than thick but compressed as I wore them. That helped a lot. Then I got a fitting at the bike shop, that helped more.

I really think you would hate platforms or cages. You lose so much through the pedal stroke. I sold my road bike so I had an extra pair of speedplays. I had the bike shop put them on my hybrid because I hated the platforms so much.

2013-09-14 11:04 AM
in reply to: trigal38

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Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Am I downgrading if I give up clipless pedals?

I rode with my new shoes in the sprint today. I didn't notice any hot spots, but between the seasickness and the solid wall headwind on the second half of the bike, I didn't have a chance to otice anything else. Seriously, though, I think I have a sense that these will be better already. Should I see problems again, I will look into wider pedals/cleats, and maybe that foam from the podiatrist. I'm ready for this to go away as a limiter.

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