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2013-09-13 8:49 PM


Subject: Suncoast Tri 10/19

Anyone doing the suncoast tri in october? I believe its just a sprint tri running out of ft. desoto? Looking to make this my first race!

All the best

2013-09-19 3:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Suncoast Tri 10/19

I am not. But, Fort De Soto is a beautiful park so I am sure it will be a great event.

Wishing you a great race! 

2013-09-19 5:43 PM
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Subject: RE: Suncoast Tri 10/19
I did this race 3 years ago. Well run event, Ft DeSoto is beautiful venue. Didn't like the fact that ~50% of the 5K run is on the beach. I'm slow enough, don't need anything slowing me down further.
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