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Subject: RPM2 introduced for better competitive training, coaching

Keith Hill
Retail Market Manager

Sports Performance Enhancement RPM2 Available to Public
FORT WORTH, TX -- RPM2 has launched its website and made its revolutionary athletic training product available for retail sale. RPM2 (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring) is a device that helps athletes and coaches determine bi-lateral equivalence of the legs by compiling data into easy-to-read dashboard reports sent to the user and coach. Athletes that are bi-laterally equivalent are stronger, faster and perform at a higher level.

RPM2 is a subsidiary of MedHab, a TECH Fort Worth client. MedHab’s healthcare technology allows providers to customize physical therapy regimens to meet the individual needs of patients in clinic and remotely. During November 2012, MedHab made a strategic addition to its product line and developed RPM2 for retail sale to athletes and coaches.
There are two products available -- RPM2 ($599) and RPM2 Triathlete ($649). A monthly monitoring fee is offered for $20. The initial target market is running and triathlete clubs and coaches, sports performance training facilities and specialty retail running stores.

“RPM2 is pre-set with five range of motion exercises, two “gait” exercises, two “pressure” exercises and one for biking, specifically geared for triathletes or long- distance cyclers,” said CEO and inventor Johnny Ross. “These pre-set exercises are designed to provide accurate information and are not intended to serve as exercises to build better performance. That is where coaching comes in.”

Ross has 20 years experience in the health field, including 15 years with Johnson & Johnson. In late 2008, he invented a medical device and received his first patent pending for MedHab's technology. Today, MedHab has two certified patents and seven pending domestically and internationally. Keith Hill is the RPM2 Retail Market Manager. He received his undergraduate degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise physiology from Western Illinois University and has spent 24 years in healthcare and business professions.
Bi-Lateral equivalence is where equal force, amount, or value (range of motion) is applied to limbs offering the same effect, capacity and function. In monitoring an athlete’s gait, RPM2 technology measures step time, cadence, pace and pressure. The main measurement is step time, which measures the amount of time between each step. Based on the measurements provided by RPM2, coaches and athletes can adjust training regimens and techniques to achieve greater performance.
“Coaches are embracing technology as ways to bring more science into coaching and give them more time for the art of coaching,” said Larry Eder, President of Running Network, which is an affiliate partner of MedHab. “We encourage all coaches to use RPM2.”
After evaluating the product independently, Kelly Brooks, Ph.D., Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, wrote:
• RPM2 has developed technology that will serve to enhance human performance.
• Running performance is improved through gait analysis feedback.
• Preventative gait analysis should be a critical component of performance analysis.
• A significant increase in the range of motion in the hip and ankle was found.
“The ability to achieve bilateral equivalence, correct proper mechanics, increase performance, potentially prevent injury and prolong career are extremely valuable to every athlete,” Brooks wrote. “RPM2 gives a competitive edge to its users and can provide feedback necessary to take an athlete to the next level.”
Darlene Ryan, Executive Director of TECH Fort Worth, said, “The launch of this product is a huge step forward for MedHab. We’ve been coaching this company since its very beginnings and have watched the strategy as it has unfolded. Kudos to MedHab for all of its hard work!”
The RPM2 application can be downloaded for Android and a download for IOS should be available shortly. The RPM2 affiliate program allows a website to link to and begin earning commissions on click through sales. There also is an automatic rewards program for individuals. Every dollar spent on the RPM2 system or monthly monitoring fees earns points for discounts and free items.

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