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2013-09-16 11:22 PM

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, Colorado
Subject: Ironman swim in 4 months?
Hey guys, just finished my first post in the introduction section, so I'm pretty new

Anyway, I just wanted to get a general opinion from you more experienced folk!. I just completed my second sprint, I really feel like I could have done more though. The 800m swim was relatively easy once I got in the zone, I've done 50+ mi bike rides, and my long runs are ~8 mi

I am deploying this winter and plan to get up to marathon status as well as strengthen my biking even more. When I come back, I will have four months to get my swimming on par. I'm choosing either the Syracuse half (my hometown), or the Couer d'Alene full (I'm stationed in Spokane.)

It would be nice to do the Syracuse, since that is where my family is - but flying is quite expensive across the country and I'd prefer to come home shortly after I return to the states and not do it a couple months afterwards.

I'm not looking for a"good" race time, rather just having finished is most appealing. So the full is definitely more appealing to me.


2013-09-17 12:10 AM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
What is the longest swim workout you have done in the last 3 months? Ever?
2013-09-17 1:55 AM
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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
definitely sounds like you are knocking on the door of a HIM.

Because with only 4 months to get ready for a swim, at a sprint distance experience, I'd suggest to tackling the HIM instead of a IM.

I'm not saying you couldn't manage the IM swim, but you said Couer d'Alene, which is very cold and hard swim for even experienced IM'ers..

Swimming for 800m is one thing but going for over 4x that is a different story.

2013-09-17 3:33 AM
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Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?

Do you only have a certain window of opportunity to race?  There are lots of other races next summer on the west coast.  Vineman, St George, Boulder, Boise, and Lake Stevens come to mind and there are likely many more if you are willing to race non WTC branded.

2013-09-17 4:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
4 months is plenty of time to get in swim shape. Once you find you groove in the water, you're golden. Good luck and enjoy the challenge.
2013-09-17 6:41 AM
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San Diego, CA
Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
Go with Syracuse. It is an awesome race that is quite scenic and low stress, which after being deployed might be worth considering. Also the difference in training load and stress between a HIM and a Full is very different. Training for a full should not be taken lightly.

2013-09-17 7:04 AM
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Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
Mussleman Tri is a good choice.
2013-09-17 8:35 PM
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, Colorado
Subject: RE: Ironman swim in 4 months?
800m is actually the farthest I've gone... heh. But I've never felt more comfortable with it, like I've broken through whatever it was holding me back.

I hadn't actually thought of doing other areas so thank you for widening my options. I'm fairly new to the sport as I'm sure you've all noticed.

I suppose I will hold up on going home until June and maybe be able to get a little competitive with it.

Thanks everyone!
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