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2013-09-25 8:34 AM

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Subject: Water Bottles
What do you think is the best bang for your buck for a dual water bottle holder on a tri bike is???

Been looking around and have seen a lot of different options but not sure which actually work and which are no good.

2013-09-25 7:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles
2013-09-25 7:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles
Originally posted by ponyup

I have this and love it.

Dang. Wish I would have seen this before I dropped the dough on my Profile two cage system.
2013-09-25 7:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles

One standard cage on your frame, and one metal cage zip tied between the aero bars.

2013-09-25 8:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles
Originally posted by Jason N

One standard cage on your frame, and one metal cage zip tied between the aero bars.

this. although in my case i can fit two cages on the frame. and i third up front if i was so inclined. 

technically you could apply some electrical tape to your frame and zip tie a cage under the top tube. that would be pretty accessible too. never seen anyone do that before though...

2013-09-25 8:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles
I personally like xlab turbo wing. One of the main reasons was when I started my weight was an issue so I was able to adjust the position of the bottles as I got smaller.

I also use in those the oasis hydration system

the only problem I have with that is it is not possible to refill the bottles on the course without stopping. So I always fill those and every time I ride through an aid station I get a fluid, drink as much as I can in the 1/4 mile or so the station is and then throw the bottle.

2013-09-25 9:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Water Bottles
I'm an turbo wing user. I like it. It holds my CO2 and spare tires too. I really wanted to try an aero bottle but I heard that it can cause digestion issues during the run since you sip down air as well when drinking in aero position. A lot of the pro use aero bottle system, so I'm sure they get used to it but I did not want to risk any GI issues during my IM, even if it made me 1-2 minutes faster by being more aero.
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