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2013-09-25 8:45 PM

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Subject: Estimate max HR from mile run?
I plan to run a 5K finally to get this done. Honestly, it was stupid to train for and do an IM without doing it but I'm curious if I can estimate this from a mile run. I planned to do this Friday but just got a call that I need to help family member move. Ugg... I'm planning to bike 20-40 miles Saturday and need to run 19 miles Sunday, so the idea of a good 5K is shot this week. Here is a mile run I did yesterday:

I'm sort of thinking that I'll hit ~190 if I do a 5K all out. It sort of peaked at 180 and then +1bpm every 1-2 mins or so. Any thoughts on this? Got a year until next IM but reading Triathlon Bible and he has me planning a year out, which seems insane.

2013-09-25 9:08 PM
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Houston, TX
Subject: RE: Estimate max HR from mile run?
Your max heart rate can't really be estimated from another number. You'd need to end a run with an all out Sprint. Your max heart rate doesn't have a huge use - it's all about the lactate threshold.

p.s., you are fast
2013-09-25 9:12 PM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Estimate max HR from mile run?

i doubt you will ever hit it during exercise because it is the absolute maximum your heart can perform.

as the other poster said... do a LT test instead. 

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