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2013-10-01 8:21 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Sept totals

i was a slacker this month on my training volume since i had so many races:

Swim:6h 21m 12s - 19493.61 Yd
Bike:19h 37m 53s - 399.46 Mi
Run:15h 09m 35s - 124.21 Mi


2013-10-01 8:26 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Sept totals
Run: 102km 9.71hrs
Bike: 163 km 6.06hrs
Swim: Errr....

Swiming is out as I get ready for HM.
2013-10-01 8:53 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

Iron Donkey
, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Sept totals
My Garmin hasn't populated Garmin Connect and I haven't been keeping BT updated.  All I know is that I had done a lot of stuff.
2013-10-01 9:47 AM
in reply to: 1stTimeTri

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New user
Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: Sept totals
Swim: 1h 44m - 5300 Yd
Bike: 16h 21m 15s - 249.74 Mi
Run: 9h 35m 59s - 66.9 Mi
2013-10-01 11:22 AM
in reply to: morsebj

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Extreme Veteran
Wausau WI
Subject: RE: Sept totals
Run - 266.78 miles
2013-10-01 12:11 PM
in reply to: Lumber Dad

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Cumming, Georgia
Subject: RE: Sept totals

Bike: 44h 07m 38s - 455.73 Mi
Run: 30m 22s - 3.1 Mi
Hiking: 3h 00m

All but 23.38 miles on the bike was on my MTB getting ready for a 13 hour MTB race on Oct 19th.

2013-10-01 2:51 PM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Southern Illinois
Subject: RE: Sept totals
Normally don't post because my totals are usually so much lower than everyone else. I'm slow and have major consistency issues! This month, I made it my goal to do something physical every single day and second, hit 25 s/b/r workouts in September. I missed both due to an illness last week that knocked me out MTW, but am still super proud of the work I managed to put in!

Swim: 7h 22m 30s - 14443.39 Yd
Bike: 2h 45m - 25.07 Mi
Run: 7h 06m 30s - 29.24 Mi

October goals are the same as September, plus the addition of a goal of at least 20 yoga or strength workouts.
2013-10-01 11:52 PM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Sept totals


Total SBR SwimTimeDist (M)Pace: min/100m  BikeTimeDist.Speed: KM/h  RunTimeDist (km)Pace: min/km 
39:12:31  4:55:0012,4400:02:22   21:39:3254525.2   12:37:591560:04:51 


2013-10-02 12:19 AM
in reply to: Left Brain

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Subject: RE: Sept totals

Originally posted by Left Brain 1 Knee surgery

one broken wrist.

2013-10-02 6:20 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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New user
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Sept totals
Swim: 3 hr 43 min 11,290 yards
Bike: 8 hrs, 35 min 159.99 miles
Run: 4 hrs, 3 min 34.12 miles

Strength: 1 hr, 5 min
Chopping wood: 3 hrs, 30 minutes (we heat our house with wood and winter is coming!)
Rock climbing: 2 hrs

Took an entire week off at the beginning of the month
2013-10-03 12:37 PM
in reply to: nfp105

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Subject: RE: Sept totals
Total: 51:49h

Indoor cycling: 17:53h
Road biking: 12:28h (349km)
Swimming: 8:18h (32,9km)
Strength training: 7:03h
Running: 6:06 (79km)

Had some problems with my hip, so had to cut back a bit on running. Pretty happy with the rest of the month

2013-10-03 1:04 PM
in reply to: 0

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Subject: RE: Sept totals

A small bit of training, but mostly just two HIMs and one OLY


Swim: 2h 24m 26s - 7184.42 Yd
Bike: 9h 47m 47s - 187.94 Mi
Run: 6h 11m 09s - 39.02 Mi

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2013-10-03 3:35 PM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Melbourne, Florida
Subject: RE: Sept totals

Swim: 1.33 hours | 2.57 miles

Bike: 6.66 hours | 125.89 miles (wow, a hellish bike month)

Run: 11.54 hours | 81.11 miles

Races: 5k, 10k, 15k, Sprint Tri

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