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2013-10-01 10:37 AM

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Subject: Sports Podiatrist in Boward County
Hi all,

I need a recommendation for a sports podiatrist in Broward County. I don't want to just choose a random podiatrist.


2013-10-01 10:45 PM
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Boynton Beach, FL
Subject: RE: Sports Podiatrist in Boward County
Can't help in broward, but dr. Chris fox in west palm beach is great. More of a sports generalist, but has fixed all my ailments over the years.
2013-10-02 7:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Sports Podiatrist in Boward County
One of the Spin instructors at the Hollywood YMCA (one of that Y's sponsors, too) is also a Podiatrist. Her practice is in N. Miami Bch., but if you live in SE Broward like I do, that's a pretty short drive. I know nothing about her as a Podiatrist, btw.

Tamara Fishman
Primary Foot Care Center, Inc
1100 N.E. 163rd Street, Suite #101
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
(305) 948-8496
2013-10-03 9:43 AM
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Jupiter, FL
Subject: RE: Sports Podiatrist in Boward County
I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Cohen. He is an Ironman Triathlete, has run multiple marathons and treats many of the elite athletes in south Florida. He just moved his office from Coral Springs to Weston. This is his old office number ((954) 345-5223), but I don't have a new one for him.
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