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2013-10-02 10:26 PM

Subject: New IMAZ run course route

For those racing IMAZ this year- if you haven't heard already, you've got a new 2 loop run course instead of the 3 loop course from prior years.

Here's a link to the new loop - IMAZ run course    It's a little easier to see if you click on layers on the left side and remove the heat map.  


Turn by turn... 

 Exit the north side of transition
 Turn right onto Tempe Town Lake South Shore Path 
 Jest east of the Rural Bridge, make a sharp right to continue on the paved South Short Path 
 Continue East to the turn around at the pavilion at the path and McClintock Dr. 
 Head west on the cement path and then drop down to the dirt path at the first ramp. 
 Continue west on the lower dirt South Shore Path back to transition. 
 Continue West on the South Shore Path to Priest Dr. 
 Turn Right on Priest Drive 
 Turn Right on Tempe Town Lake North Shore Path 
 Turn right into the marina parking lot 
 Bear right onto the lower North Shore Path to the turn around. 
 After the turn around, head west on the upper North shore path in front of the condos/apartments. 
 Follow the path west to the marina. 
 Turn right at the marina towards route 202 underpass 
 Proceed under the 202 on E. Gilbert Dr. 
 Bear left on the canal trail 
 Turn Left on to E. Curry Road 
 Turn Left onto We. Lakeview Dr. 
 Turn Left into parking lot under 202 bridge 
 Follow parking lot west, back onto lakeview Dr. 
 Bear left onto the North Shore Path heading west 
 Turn left onto Priest Dr. 
 Turn Left on Rio Salado Parkway 
 First Lap – turn left at hardy onto the connector path which hits the South Shore path 
 Turn Left onto the South Shore Path back to transition to begin the second lap. 
 Second Lap – continue east on Rio Salado Parkway to the finish line.

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Subject: RE: New IMAZ run course route
Tribe is the bestest EVER!
2013-10-03 10:34 PM
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Subject: RE: New IMAZ run course route

the IMAZ site has the official map up now too....   Run Course

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2013-10-04 11:11 AM
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Subject: RE: New IMAZ run course route

We'll be hosting a supported run on the new course Saturday the 12th at 7am... come one, come all!  

From the Facebook Event page...

Cat's out of the bag: new run course for IMAZ and Tribe's going to help you prepare! 

Join us for this supported pre-run Saturday, October 12 at Tempe Beach Park for your transition starting point. The Tribe tent will be at mile 6, just like it will be at IMAZ next month! 

We will stock our aid station with some of the same good stuff you'll find at IMAZ including PowerBar Perform! 

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