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2013-10-05 12:09 PM

Subject: need advice on bikes and wheels.....
So this is the deal. I have a triathlon bike. A 2008 qroo tequilo. Al frame and da componets. Stock wheels and gator skin tires. I live in okinawa so I deal with a lot of hills and constant wind from every angel. I only have the one bike. I want to start getting into group rides but I cant with the tri bike. Also there is a 210mile ride here I want to do but it must be a road bike. I have pretty much decided to get a road bike soon. Thinking about a trek domane. I will never be a competetive cyclists and have no desire to become one. But the tri bike is tough with all the hills and poor road conditions around here. An average 35 mile ride has me climbing almost 2k feet. I am not getting rid of the tri bike, but also want a road bike. There is only really two triathlons per year here in okinawa. I am only here for another two years so thats a total of four races max. I am by no means a podium contender in any race but I enjoy them and love the challenge. My real passion is adventure races. But after this I am going to CA so there will be plenty of riding and racing there. Ok to the point. I want a road bike, but also kind of want to upgrade my tri bike to a carbon frame and keep the tequilo as a training bike. But I also have a good offer on a set of aero wheels for my current tri bike. However I am a decent rider with an average speed of 18-22 mph race times and cant justify all the purchases. Not sure I am a serious enough racer to have this much tied up in tirs. I have completed about 15 tris with two wins in small local sprints and finished 3 ironmans, so this is not a phase. I have a ton of hobbies from rock climbing to cave diving and all adventure and fitness activities in between. So what would you guys do? Thanks for any input, this is cheaper than therapy.

2013-10-05 2:07 PM
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Subject: RE: need advice on bikes and wheels.....
Unless you have money to burn, get a CF Road Bike with 105 or Ultegra. Cost is approx $2500-3000, at least in USA. Prob same in Japan.

Use that for riding and ride tri bike for races.

If you have money to burn, do above and get new cf tri bike too.
2013-10-05 2:48 PM
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Subject: RE: need advice on bikes and wheels.....
You've got a lot of different options there, but I will tell you that switching from an aluminum to a carbon tri bike likely won't make you any faster. Going from your gatorskins to latex tubes and low Crr tires for race days only will probably speed you up close to 1mph.

Just food for thought.

If you're interested in a road bike but not for racing, your best bet would probably be to scour the local classifieds for a good dea on something used.
2013-10-05 8:03 PM
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Subject: RE: need advice on bikes and wheels.....
Thanks for the advise. I think my best bet is like you said to first purchase a road bike. I am heading back to the states for christmas and intend to find a closeout deal. I have found a 2012 trek domane 2.0 can be had for less than $1500.00 I dont think race wheels will help very much. I even race in the gatorskins. I also have 4 bottle cages on my tri bike, bento box, front and rear lights, and a tire bag that usualy does not come off for races. I think if I use the roadbike for training and strip down the tri bike I will see my best results. A carbon tri bike will probaly come someday as a frameset and put all of my componets on it. I would love to find a good deal on a caliente of luciero frame.

Thanks for the input
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