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2013-10-07 6:35 PM

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Bonney Lake
Subject: New Bike questions
I have two questions on new bikes that maybe you all would have an opinion on.

First question is about how long before an IM would you buy a new bike. I am looking into a new bike but might not be able to get it until maybe 3 months before event. This will be the first time I have changed bikes so close to an event. I will be fit correctly and all. Just see what your experiences with a bike change are and what you all think about time to train on the new ride, get use to it etc.

Second question is around the bikes. I have been looking at a few bikes. I have saved up some money and will save a little more. I am looking at the P5 six or p3 or maybe even the Shiv Pro Race. Lets for today say I fit each just fine. Are the gains in the Shiv or p5 that much to justify the higher cost? They both have the non ICU legal fork etc. Just seeing if for a normal bike rider like me who only rides in tris, is it wort the look at the higher end bikes or is the nice P3 or similar set up bike just as good. I know that it depends on me as a bike rider being the bikes motor. I guess I am seeing about handling, small advantages etc. I am a average size guy about 5'10" 170. My IM times in CDA are just over 6h and recently in Canada about the same. I know that I am the secret to my bikes success, However these bikes all offer nice components breaks etc. I have to replace things on my bike and after a lot of weight loss mine is not the best fit now as i want to get more aggressive. Thanks for the advice or insight.

2013-10-07 8:27 PM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: New Bike questions
3 months is plenty of time to get used to new equipment.

Go with the P3, but spend extra on higher quality aero wheels. The wheels with wider rims and fairings will handle better in the wind, have lower rolling resistance, and a smoother ride.
2013-10-08 12:26 AM
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Subject: RE: New Bike questions
Buy the best bike you can comfortably afford or the one that speaks to you the most. If you get the P3 but could afford an ever nicer bike, you might not be satisfied. And I agree--3 months is plenty of time to get comfortable on your new bike.
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