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2013-10-10 5:41 PM
in reply to: jlruhnke

Subject: ...
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2013-10-14 2:33 PM
in reply to: Aarondb4

Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: iOS7

Originally posted by Aarondb4


Took me a little while to get over the stupid look of the icons and screens in the built in apps, not sure what they were thinking with the "look" but it is not a winner in my book. 

That said I do like the features. My wife and I both have iPhones so we got to try it on one before we committed on both (sorry Lisa but once you go to 7 there is no going back). 

My phone was previously jailbroken, I did the jailbreak so I could tether and so I could turn the wifi on and off without 18 key strokes. The update essentially stole one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks and turned it into the swipe up from the bottom deal. Also the new mulit tasking with the mini screens is straight out of a jailbreak tweak I had before 7. Essentially this update did everything I had to tweak my phone to do aside from the tethering. 

Here is a list for the OP.

1. Swipe up from bottom.

2. lock screen picture fills the whole screen now. Not a huge deal but it is better IMO.

3. Swipe up and down on lock screen.

4. "Contact" button is always on the top of your text convo now. Before you had to scroll all the way up to get that button to call the person.

5. Ability to create folders for your pictures instead of having 1,000 pictures to scroll through to find the one you want. Also they are now automatically sectioned by date and place you took the pic. Kinda cool to be able to look at collections based on date and place.

6. Better editing options for the camera.

7. You can set your apps to automatically update from the appstore now instead of being presented with red icons. I don't like the red icons, I feel compelled to clear them, this takes care of some of those for you. 

8. Multi tasking is much much better now.

9. Safari now has unlimited pages instead of the 8 you had before. 

10. You can now swipe left on an email and get a bunch of options on what to do with it, whereas before you had to open the email to get those options.

11. The maps app is now shown on the lock screen when it is giving you turn by turn so you can just glance at the phone instead of swiping to open to see what is next. This would be much better if the apple maps app was actually worth using, but if they ever get it anywhere near google maps it will be a nice feature. 

12. Siri is more helpful than before.

13. You can fit more icons in a folder now.

14. Some of the visual changes are appealing such as the way the icons float to their positions when you unlock the phone, pretty minor but is a nice look. 


I made this list for me as well, hadn't really quantified the changes for myself. Yes the icons and native screens look stupid, but IMO the new features make it worth the update. I am holding out hope that they will update the look given all the negative feedback on the icons and such. But for my $.02 I would not avoid updating based on the look, you eventually get over that and the features make the phone better and easier to use.

But as I said before, don't update thinking you can go back if you don't like it. Once you update you are stuck with it. 

Based on this info I updated my 4S to iOS7 and so far I like it. The main reasons for me were the easy access to on/off wifi and unlimited safari pages but I'm also liking the way Safari lays out the various pages and how a double click of the button brings up my recent text conversations. Oh and I've also discovered iTunes radio! Pretty cool! 

2013-10-18 8:03 AM
in reply to: rrrunner

Menomonee Falls, WI
Subject: RE: iOS7

Still dislike.  Most of the pretty changes seem to have make things slower.  The unlock screen has a larger keypad which makes for a further reach from button to button to unlock (aka I cannot unlock as quickly).  Swiping to the left now to delete a message means your thumb has to go back to the right to hit the delete button (inefficient).  The calendar is stark white and it seems more difficult to navigate than the old calendar.  Safari icons on the bottom are not always there and seem to appear/disappear at their own leisure (I find if I scroll up or down really fast they will appear, but that just slows me down when I am moving around fast).

Still hoping I get used to some of these things, but overall I think it is more cutesy than functional.  I was hoping the changes would make things easier/faster, but I am definitely slower.  However, my slowness may also have something to do with me continuing to get older and crankier.  So maybe that's the root of my issues.

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