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2013-10-13 11:52 AM

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The 951
Subject: Good tail light that can mount on aero seatposts?
My fave NR Solas's bracket is too small for my Kilo.

Does anyone know of any tail lights out there in the .5 to 2 watt range that can mount on aero posts?


2013-10-14 1:14 PM
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Cloverdale, BC
Subject: RE: Good tail light that can mount on aero seatposts?
I use a Serfas UTL-6. It took a bit of fiddling to get it to mount, but it works nicely if I wrap the bottom strap around the frame below the seat clamp.
2013-10-14 3:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Good tail light that can mount on aero seatposts?
I have a NiteRider Solas 2 Watt USB Tail Light that I mounted to my behind the seat hydration set up. On my Argon 18 E116 there's no where I could find to put a rear light and wanted one. Getting it on the behind seat mount was a pretty tidy solution. I run the same light on my road bike, but that's using a round seat post and way easier to put the stock light mount on.
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