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2013-10-20 8:50 AM

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Sarnia, Ontario
Subject: Need Motivation!
So this spring I buggered my Achillies and took some time off to recover. I basically became LAZY and did nothing all season. Other than some running, now that I can pain free. However I have lost my motivation to train.

I want to start building some base miles over the off season and get back my mojo back. What does COJ do when they need motivation?

I turn to BT for inspiration!

2013-10-20 9:06 AM
in reply to: jspelay

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Deep in the Heart of Texas
Subject: RE: Need Motivation!

Sign up for a race, pick a plan, and commit to following it.  I've found that motivation is fleeting.  Commitment is what gets me out of bed in the morning when I'm motivated to hit the snooze button.

2013-10-20 9:16 AM
in reply to: Hook'em

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the alamo city, Texas
Subject: RE: Need Motivation!

registering for a race is just about the only thing that works for me - money on the line means I will go to all ends of the earth to get it done!

2013-10-22 7:58 PM
in reply to: jspelay

Subject: RE: Need Motivation!
Now that my race season is over and it's getting cold and dark, I'm getting lazy too.
My run miles have dropped, I don't swim or bike anymore.

Looking at races to do gets me going.
Getting the run miles back up now for a 5K in November.
Want to do a HIM next Summer, so I'm getting back in the pool soon and looking for a bike trainer.
There is a 25mile trail race that is this weekend, but I'm planning on doing it NEXT year.
I'm planning on doing my my HIM early so I can focus on the trail race. That'll get me going real soon.
But I also am enjoying the time off right now.
Having a rival (friendly or otherwise) that you want to beat helps.
Just think: He's training, so I have to train and train harder/smarter.
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