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2013-10-22 7:57 AM

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Lexington, South Carolina
Subject: Hydration System Help for Bike
I am learning new things daily on these forums so thank you in advance for your responses.

I have a 2009 Cervelo S1 road bike (stock with drop bars) that I use for races. Being fairly new to road biking with not great bike handling skills, I have frame mounted cage with a bottle that I use for hydration. This works fine but I do not feel confident with my bike handling skills while trying to drink out of a bottle. I understand that the more I do this, the better I will get at it.

But from the point of being able to hydrate more frequently on longer rides without having to slow down or worse, taking someone down with me, is there a hydration system (frame mounted or otherwise) that works with this frame that has a extension valve or something to make the process easier?


2013-10-22 9:54 AM
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Canton, TX
Subject: RE: Hydration System Help for Bike
A speedfil should fit.
Have you thought of a camelbak for now ( until you get more comfortable). They are pretty easy.
2013-10-23 6:54 AM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Hydration System Help for Bike
x2 on the Camelback. I'm hydrating more often and with larger amounts. It's easier to grab the tube than to grab a waterbottle. The Camelback has less effect on steering than a handlebar mounted waterbottle. The Camelback holds 70 oz compared to 2 bottles holding 21-24 oz each.
2013-10-23 7:45 AM
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Lexington, South Carolina
Subject: RE: Hydration System Help for Bike
I do use Camelbaks on my mountain bike rides. I do like them for that reason.

I looked in into the Speedfil F2 system and that seems like something that might work. I need to find out if the caps will work other bottles also.

Thanks for the recommendations.
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