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2013-10-27 8:45 PM
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Subject: RE: Racking a bike the night before with rain in the forecast
I read this thread with interest because I had an issue with a front derailer earlier in the year. We had monsoon like rain the day before Tri-Charleston this year and had mandatory day before check-in. I let my brother borrow one of my bikes. He had just returned from the middle east serving his final tour there so I took the bike in to a local shop and had it tuned and cleaned up. He did one short ride for fit and then drove 200 miles to Charleston for check-in. He didn't do a warm-up ride in the morning. When he got on the bike for the bike portion he was unable to shift into the big ring on the front. He completed the ride but was not happy. After the race I was not able to get it to shift-up either until I wiggled the shifter around while pulling on the derailer and felt a slight pop. The shifter worked fine after that and has continued to work fine. I'm not sure if it was the rain, salt or bad luck. I thought from then on out I would always cover the bike if it rains but I think the important thing to remember is to try and check out the drive train to make sure it is not frozen the morning of the race.

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General Discussion Triathlon Talk » Racking a bike the night before with rain in the forecast Rss Feed  
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