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2013-10-30 9:26 AM
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Subject: RE: Why do toenails fall off from running?
Guess I can call myself an ultra runner, my toes look like crap. Even after going up a size.

2013-10-30 10:38 AM
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Subject: RE: Why do toenails fall off from running?
Originally posted by Tiffanator

Originally posted by Kenny-A

Originally posted by freer

Some people, such as me, grip with the toes while running which will cause a blister/callous on the end of the toe which pushes the nail off. It's a biomechanical issue that I haven't figured out yet even after losing the same nail at least 10 times. For me, it's always the second toe which is apparently the most common. Check out for their theory of it being runners being tight along the posterior chain (hamstrings, calves, achilles) causing hammertoe which in turn contributes to the problem. YMMV

This is the same problem with me on my right foot. My 2nd toe was always getting blisters until I found gel toe covers. I still get some small blisters on that toe during long runs, but the gel covers have really helped diminish those. I put some lubricant like aquaphor on the trouble spot and then slip on the cover. I also agree that your running shoes should be a bigger size than your normal shoes.

Where might I go about finding these gel toe covers? I've never heard of them, but am dealing with some large blisters on my left big toe. I don't want to replace my shoes because it's only that one toe that has the problem. If I could get a gel cover I'm hoping that would solve my problem and not cost me a pair of shoes that I otherwise like.

I get them at my local grocery store (Wegman's) for under $4 each. I also saw the local Rite Aid pharmacy carries them, but they're more expensive there. Amazon has a similar product to what I get under the name "Vita-gel toe protector".
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