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2016-05-11 8:29 AM
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Centennial, CO
Subject: RE: Stock Market

Originally posted by tuwood

Originally posted by velocomp

Not to resurrect this thread, but...  Can anyone recommend some good books, websites or software for learning how to buy/sell stocks.  I've got some money lying around and would like to invest.  Not sure it is enough to bother hiring a financial manager, and don't would like to learn more before I go that route anyway.

Are you just looking to trade individual equities or ETF's?

Also, what type of strategy are you thinking?  Are you looking to buy and hold or more short term trades?

For buy and hold strategies it's more about long term company performance and industry growth.  With shorter term swing trades it's more about being over bought or over sold and looking for a pull back or bounce and taking advantage of it.

Exactly.  I have no idea.  I don't know Squat.  I've put a lot of money in my 401K, and have a bunch of stock from the company I work for, but I know nothing about what I am doing.  So I'd like to learn so if I go talk to someone (professional), I know what I am asking.  So I'm looking to educate myself, but with so many options, it's hard to know what is worth reading.  Any suggestions for books or other materials for a newbie to trading?

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date : April 13, 2007
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