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2013-11-21 8:34 AM

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Southern Ontario
Subject: Numb Toes
When I'm on the bike (on the trainer or on the road), about 5km into the ride, the middle toes on both feet start to go numb. I'm super concerned about this, as I can't imagine transitioning to the run after a long ride with 4 or five numb toes.

Any thoughts?

This also happens on the treadmill about 1 or 2 km into the run.

Note: My tibias are not straight, but curved. Not sure if this is a factor or not.

My shoes are not too tight. I've loosened them right up. Same with my running shoes.

2013-11-21 8:46 AM
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Falls Church
Subject: RE: Numb Toes

Have you tried moving the position of your cleats a bit forward or backward?  This might help you find the right pressure point.

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