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Subject: Clydesdale and Athena Multisport
Hi hope this gets to the Aussies. I have started a group in Queensland www.clydesdalemultisport and same on FB we are a group hopefully a club in time were like minded people can train and a race as a team we are located at the Northern Part of the Gold Coast but have people scattered across south east Queensland.

Feel free to drop us a line as we a re new and growing looking forward to hearing from you soon

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I suspect your nutrition and training program may have more to do with your symptoms than your Clydesdale classification.
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Race in the right division and you will find that maybe you aren't such a slow runner after all.
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The beauty of the US Multi-Sport Directory is its expansiveness beyond just the sport of triathlons. It’s a multisporter’s ultimate road map.
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How to use our detailed online race log to track your season and progress.
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I’m a C-L-Y-D-E-S-D-A-L-E! Many people in the sport know the division is there, but many of them think that it's a 'fat boys division.' So what constitutes a Clydesdale? Why even have this class?
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2003 Ultraman World Champion.
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Don’t forget this is an incredibly big year for sport with the Olympics back in Athens where the modern Olympics started, and especially triathlon to make its second appearance.