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2013-12-03 10:27 AM

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Subject: 12 week HM training plan
Who has a good one, time to start training for 2/23/2014 race.

2013-12-03 12:07 PM
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Austin, Texas
Subject: RE: 12 week HM training plan

I've used Higdon's plans for several HMs and other distances.  With a bit of tailoring to your specific limiters/needs, I find these to be really good bases from which to work.

Pretty standard.  Advanced:  Easy/short M & W.  Tuesday hills or track.  Th is tempo.  Fri is off.  Sat is a race pace run.  Sunday is distance.

The intermediate and beginner plans have worked well for me and my wife in the past, as well.

I just started the advanced HM plan for an end of Feb race yesterday.  

Good luck and have fun!!


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